Jim Satcher - Veterans Advocate
Mount Vernon, Washington
Tel. 1.360.848.5003


             Jim Satcher, Veterans Advocate.
     In Cholon (Saigon) during the Tet Offensive, Feb. 1968.
With Thomas Constantino,aide to Congr. Paul N. (Pete) Mcloskey (CA),counseling veterans at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA 
With Tom Constantino, Pete McCloskey and Rob Caughlan on Memorial Day at the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, CA, May 30, 2011, where Pete McCloskey gave the keynote address.   

Jim Satcher served 28 years in the military: 8 years in the Army, 3 tours in Vietnam, and twenty years in the Army Reserve, before retiring as a Master Sergeant E8 in 1993.  While in the reserves, he worked in business, the last ten years running his own company, Satcher Industries and assisted Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey, Jr. (Col. USMC retired) and his congressional aide Thomas (Tom) Constantino (Col USMC retired) on matters pertaining to veterans and military personnel and their families residing in California's 11th congressional district.  He also taught coping techniques to Vietnam Veterans serving in the reserves who experienced difficulty dealing with the after effects of war - later identified as post-traumatic stress disorder-delayed or PTSD, and he helped disabled veterans file claims for VA service-connected disability compensation, Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) and Social Security Disability Compensation and their widows how to file claims for VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC).  
Jim continues to monitor lawspolicies and procedures: M21-1 and M21-1MR that govern VA health care, disability compensation, survivor benefits and Fee Services.  He is a member of the Disabled American Veterans and The United States Army Security Agency Alumni Association.  He is active in his community and maintains a keen interest in politics and community service.  His opinions have been published in the San Jose Mercury, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Times, the Skagit Valley Herald and on the Internet.