Jim Satcher
Mount Vernon, Washington
Tel. 1.360.848.5003

Veteran's Advocate

Tom Constantino helping veterans at De Anza College

Los Altos Annexation Drive

AFVN "Saigon Night Beat"

Vietnam 1965

with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson

Veterans Advocate

Monitor laws, policies and procedures governing VA health care, disability compensation, fee services and survivor benefits.  Member of the US Army Security Agency Association and a member of the DAV Chapter 59, Mount Vernon, WA.


Community Service

Former director, Eaglemont Homeowners Association (HOA).  Founding member and past president of the Eaglemont Homeowners Operating Committee (HOC).  Active in promoting the Eaglemont Golf Community and the City of Mount Vernon, WA.  Led a successful petition drive in which 173 homes were annexed by the City of Los Altos, California.   


Satcher Industries; Jay-Tec International

Cofounder/Principle/General Manager.  

Companies provided consulting services and heavy duty shop and repair equipment to major construction and engineering firms and government agencies who design, build and operate mines, mills, refineries, transit systems, water treatment plants and other projects, worldwide.


Military Service

US Army/Army Reserve, retired. 

Duties: Communication, Research & Analysis, Administration, Personnel and Staff Management, Claims, Recruiting, Retention and Public Affairs. Assisted Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey, Jr. and senior staff Thomas Constantino on matters pertaining to veterans and military personnel residing in California's 11th congressional district.  Off-duty entertained troops stationed at Fort Ord, CA., Fort Belvoir, VA and aboard the USS Mann troop ship while en route to Vietnam, and hosted disc jockey shows aboard the USS Mann, on FEN radio in Itazuke, Japan, and on 

AFVN radio (audio link) in Saigon, Vietnam.



Entertainment Services



Disc Jockey, Program Director, Concert Promoter and Entertainer.